Our Mission Statement and Vision

To inspire the lifelong enjoyment of sports.
To provide high quality opportunities which promote the lifelong enjoyment of sport. 


The philosophy of the Winter Park Competition Center is to offer the opportunity to achieve ones’ highest potential as an athlete, person, and competitor. Through the enjoyment of sport, each athlete’s commitment, desires, dreams and failures, can provide significant life lessons. We consider the athlete first, winning second, as we strive to develop the total athlete. This goal is affected by the objectives each competitor has in participation in the program and by his/her personal motivation. Those factors, applied to the most supportive coaching and training environment we can offer, helps athletes to develop a positive, healthy, and confident attitude – the most important aspect of the total athlete. We believe that the total athlete will not only be a successful skier or rider, but excel in all aspects of life with those skills. Cornerstones to our efforts are self-motivation, effort, and commitment. An individual’s success in snow sport competition is directly dependent on his/her approach to these areas. In an individual sport, winning as a measure of success would leave us with one person per weekend being successful; the rest might be considered failures. Instead, we use the goal and objective approach in measuring progress. Everyone comes out of this structure winning, and it is a better environment for all. We place equal emphasis on the development of social skills, physical health, and enjoyment of athletic achievement in skiing and snowboarding.


Winter Park Competition Center

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