How do I get to Winter Park Resort?
Winter Park Resort is an easy drive from both the Front Range and other mountain communities. You can click here for directions. Racers are encouraged to park in the A, B, and C lots. From the main entrance, follow Winter Park Drive until you pass under the Cabriolet/gondola lift, then turn right to access these lots. Parking is available in the parking garage as well, but NO OVERHEAD BIKE RACKS – we don't want any wrecked bikes!

Where at Winter Park Resort do I register?
Registration and awards will all take place at the West Portal Plaza at the base of the resort. This is located on the far end of the base village from the parking lots.

What time is registration and number pick up?
Registration for unregistered racers is from 8-9am each race morning. However, you can save time and money by getting pre-registered by 4pm the Friday preceding each race. Pre-registered racers may pick up their race number and packet anytime from 8 am until their classes start time.

When does my class start?
You can find your start time for each race on the race information page for each race. Please check back often and in the morning at registration as these times can change. Remember that your racing age is the age you will be on 12/31/2019.

What class should I race in?

  • Newer  or less competitive racers to the sport should generally race in either the Novice or Sport category.

  • Riders with some experience that may want a little more competition should generally race in either the Sport or Expert category.

  • Experienced racers who are competitive, very fit & versed riders generally race in either Expert or Pro category.

  • Pros, you know who you are.

  • REMEMBER: your racing age is the age you will be on 12/31/2019.


Any racer who is consistently finishing in the top of a class should move up to the next ability class. You may change classes during the season. If you change by the third race you will receive one point less than the last racer in your new category for your previous races. This will effect your team points as well. Once a rider moves up a class, they cannot move back down to the lower class

Click here for more detailed category descriptions and upgrade rules. 

Can I pre-ride the courses?
Yes. Many competitors come to get some casual and fun riding in on the courses before the race to make sure they know the course. Usually, the orange trail marking arrows that direct racers at intersections are in place for each course by Friday of the race week to help you along. Trail maps and descriptions are available in the Competition Center office in the Balcony House.

How is series scoring calculated?

For each race you complete you get race points according to your placement in your class and age group: 50 for first, 49 for second, 48 for third, etc. Your series score is the total of your 5 best race points (5 out of 6). If you change classes during the season and want to have points count towards the series scoring you must move up before the 3rd race and you will receive one point less than the lowest points awarded for the new category for the previous races.

Where can i find the GPS files?

Follow us on Facebook &/or sign up for our newsletter that only releases race worthy mailings to you. The files will be sent through both methods of information sharing. If you need help getting these files to your device, here you go: Get GPS Files

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